Cocoa Crisis Affecting Chocolate Manufacturers

The recent global spike in cocoa prices has become a hot topic that certainly has not left a
sweet taste in the mouths of both consumers and chocolate producing corporates.
Following the headlines around the issues in cocoa farming, the International Cocoa
Organization highlighted that the cocoa industry is facing a massive shortage. This is due to
adverse weather conditions and challenges faced by cocoa farmers, particularly in parts of
West Africa which is the primary source of cocoa beans for chocolate production.
These cocoa beans that are largely sourced from regions near the equator and are crucial
for chocolate production. So when this vital commodity is facing many threats from fungal
diseases such as black pod disease and swollen-shoot virus, it directly results in decreased
harvests, in turn spiking production costs.
There has been much concern that major chocolate manufacturers may adopt cost-cutting
measures to keep their prices low. This includes practices like "shrinkflation" (reducing pack
sizes while maintaining prices), reducing cocoa content and increasing the use of unhealthy
additives like sugar.
At Sweetalk, we sustain relatively affordable prices in order to maintain our existing
customers. The current cocoa price increase has also afforded the opportunity bring newChocolate
buyers and stay both relevant and affordable in the chocolate space.
How Consumers Are Affected By The Increase In Cocoa Prices
For chocolate enthusiasts, the consequences of higher cocoa bean prices will have a
significant effect. The retail prices for chocolate products have already amplified due to the
increased production costs incurred by manufacturers. Also, there's a huge possibility of
changes in product quality or sizes of offerings as companies adjust to these cost pressures.
Subsequent to the crisis in cocoa prices, large buyers are looking for solutions.
But at Sweetalk, we do not compromise on the quality of products that we provide to our
customers! We have rather developed a new recipe to provide our clients with the best
quality chocolates at affordable rates.
To stay ahead of the cocoa challenges and relevant in the chocolate space, we have
developed a chocolate that aspires in taste and quality to the finest chocolate even though
the cocoa ingredients have been tweaked. Our formula has been approved by several
credible corporations and we have seen an increase in sales amid the cocoa crisis.

The team at Sweetalk share a belief that a successful product must be an indulging and
quality product. The demand for low prices is what led us to develop an alternative
chocolate that would satisfy both a need for a quality product at an affordable price.

The Future Of Chocolate
It is difficult to predict the outlook for cocoa bean prices in 2025 due to various factors that
influence the market.
Yet, we at Sweetalk are equipped to handle the current market trends and will always
provide quality chocolate options to our customers. We will continue to uphold our quality
standards that our customers expect of us. We can assure our customers that the quality of
our products will not be compromised at all!
We maintain our competitive prices by controlling and managing our costs with a fine tooth
comb although we are a small business.
We continue to remain hopeful and committed to always finding solutions that will allow us
to continue operating successfully.
New Innovations To Stay Relevant
Another innovative idea from Sweetalk has been to sell chocolate in buckets. This concept
originated from local factories that were exposed to our product and simply came with
buckets to collect the daily production for their own production use. There was no time to
cast the produce into 5 kg molds. This practice led to casting into a 5 kg mold to market to
distant areas and we have seen great success in this.
Sweetalk will always deliver on quality chocolates wherever you are and whatever the
occasion is!

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